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Site Analysis


Appropriate Design


Organic and Conventional Maintenance Minor Improvements and Repairs

Clean-ups and Hauling

Soil Analysis and Consultation

Soil Profile Rehab

Sheet Mulching

Irrigation Audit

Selective Pruning

Compost and Mulching


Harkness Gardens Landscaping

We are passionate about the dynamic Bay Area community.  Owner Paul Harkness Jr started the environmentally conscious landscaping business Harkness Gardens in 2009. "We really want to contribute to the future of the Bay Area urban ecology. Its an exciting time - there is a lot of change and development going on locally in the commercial, industrial and residential levels.  We are proud to be one of the many local eco-inspired businesses taking part." 


Micro/Conventional Irrigation
Stone,Brick and Concrete Walls,
Driveways and Patios
Wood Structures, Fences and Decks
Native and Habitat Landscapes
Native/non-Native lawns
Water Features Permeable Paving Low-Voltage Lighting
Rain-Catchment Systems
Graywater Systems
Bio-Retention Swales and Runoff Reduction
Reclaimed Materials
The following lists exemplify the services we provide:

Landscape Installation In Berkeley